live stock, sheep and cattle on a farm

What is the Difference Between 4H and FFA?

What kind of fun things did you do as a child? Did you bike? Run? Go swimming? I am sure all those activities were on your list. Still, for kids growing up in Oklahoma, another option is working with animals, planting and growing fruits and vegetables, and learning about agriculture. First, students begin learning about…

Woman with her companion dog

What is a Companion Dog?

Dogs have long been called man’s best friend, which is no surprise considering their massive impact on our daily lives. For centuries, dogs have served as essential companions for people from all walks of life. The importance of a companion dog is finding new meaning today as they provide comfort and emotional support to people…

hand petting a cat under sunlight

How Do Cats Show Affection?

Head-butting is a sure sign that your cats love you. What your cat is doing with this show of affection is rubbing pheromones on you to let the other cats know to whom you belong.


The Health Benefits of Neutering a Cat 

Another reason to neuter your cat is because it can help reduce feline fights. Like humans, hormones can significantly impact a feline’s attitude and actions.

Stray cat on the street

Stray Cats in the USA: How Many Are They?

The sight of a stray cat may evoke many responses from people. Some may feel their heartstrings tug as they experience a longing to help the cat. Yet others may be alarmed by problems the cat is causing, whether that be fighting, threatening other pets, passing on fleas, spraying others, or other issues.

Puppy scratching on the street

Can Fleas Make Dogs Sick?

In a heartbeat, yes, fleas can make your dog sick. Fleas can also spread diseases, which can lead to various health concerns. Learn more about how fleas can make your dog sick and how you can help stop them. Whether a cat or dog, your family pet is the perfect survival ground for these parasitic…

Golden Retriever Looking Out Of Car Window

How to Make Your Pet Healthy & Happy 

Regardless of if you have a hamster or a horse, pets mean a lot to humans. There are many different strategies, medicines, training, and guidance for our animal’s behavioral and health concerns. Sometimes it can be overwhelming! Fortunately, keeping your pet healthy and happy is easy when you partner with the experts…

puppy and fluffy cat after bath wrapped in towel

5 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Pet 

What is better than a day of pampering? Honestly- not much. A trip to the spa, a day of relaxation, or simply your favorite tea on the couch can really turn a day around. But what about your pet? They could use some quality pampering as well. With all the love and…

man brushes teeth of a gray cat

Does Your Cat Need a Dental Cleaning?

Pouncing, chasing, chewing, or grooming may be a part of your cat’s routine. But what about dental care? The most common mouth diseases that cats experience are Periodontal Disease and Tooth Resorption. When contemplating whether or not to take your friendly feline to the dentist, here is what you need to know.…