American staffordshire terrier puppies sitting in a box

The Benefits of Crate Training Your Puppy

Crate training a puppy is an invaluable tool for any dog owner. Crate training can help you housebreak your puppy, provide a safe, comfortable place for your puppy to relax, and help manage your puppy’s behavior. The first key benefit of crate training a puppy is that it can be a great way to housebreak…

American shorthair cat kissing her kitten

Cat or Kitten: Which Should You Adopt?

When deciding whether to adopt a mature cat or a baby kitten as your family’s pet, there are several challenges to consider. First, a kitten will have lots of energy, and you might need to modify your home to keep them safe. Second, a mature cat will have less energy, plus you won’t have the…

Adorable cute red dog sitting at vet office

How to Choose a Vet You and Your Pet Will Love

In a world where dog mom and dad t-shirts are prevalent and people consider themselves parents even when they have no children, having a pet is the closest thing to a child for many people! Pets today live longer, better lives thanks to the convenience of excellent overall veterinary care and preventive attention. Pet owners…

Old dog comfortable on dog bed

What to Expect from your Aging Pet

Your pets hold an extraordinary place in your lives. For most people, pets are right below your kids on the list of importance. And in today’s society, many younger couples are actually opting for fur babies rather than baby babies. This just shows us how incredibly loved a faithful pet can be. The only downfall…

Young adult woman holding adorable dog in animal shelter

The Benefits of Adopting Your Next Pet from a Shelter

If your family does not seem whole, you might be missing that one key piece that creates a complete home-a pet. Whether you get a dog or a cat, looking at a pet shelter may be your best option. The good news? There are many fantastic reasons to skip the breeder and choose a pet…

vet tech in xray room

Celebrating Vet Techs

Often, we overlook the essential jobs which are all around us. These jobs are essential for society to ensure that our families and friends are well and taken care of. It is time we stop and think about these professions and how they are so impactful to us all. The Week of October 16 –…

Veterinarian holding syringe with vaccine

What Shots Does My Pet Need?

Deciding to get a new pet can be exciting and a tad overwhelming. What type of kennel should you get? How big does it need to be? What kind of cat food is best? Do you need a leash or a harness? What vet should I take my pet to? As the list of questions…

hand petting a cat under sunlight

How Do Cats Show Affection?

Head-butting is a sure sign that your cats love you. What your cat is doing with this show of affection is rubbing pheromones on you to let the other cats know to whom you belong.


The Health Benefits of Neutering a Cat 

Another reason to neuter your cat is because it can help reduce feline fights. Like humans, hormones can significantly impact a feline’s attitude and actions.