Tick and fleas sucking on cat skin

Don’t Skip It: The Importance of Year-Round Flea And Tick Prevention

Discover why year-round flea and tick prevention is crucial for your pet’s health. Learn how to protect them from these pests every season.

A veterinarian administering laser therapy to a calm dog in a clinic

A Deep Dive Into Veterinary Laser Therapy

Find out how veterinary laser treatment can help your pet recuperate more quickly and with non-invasive pain relief. Here, learn about the future of pet care!

Keep Your Pet Looking Great This Winter

Pet Grooming Tips For Winter

To keep your pet warm and healthy during the winter, get the best pet grooming advice. Take advantage of our professional advise to prevent dry, itchy skin and preserve a glossy coat.

Does your dog need dental cleaning

Does Your Dog Need Dental Cleaning?

Examine the significance of dental care for dogs, as well as the frequency of dental cleanings, symptoms of dental health issues, and cleaning processes.

nutrition tips for dogs

Top 7 Nutrition Tips for Dogs: A Guide to a Healthier Diet

Examine the Top 7 Nutrition Tips for Dogs: An all-inclusive manual for feeding and maintaining your dog’s health. Continue reading at Advanced Care Veterinarian Clinic.


Can Pets Have Allergies?

Once spring hits in Oklahoma, it’s almost inevitable for many people to start getting a stuffy nose or itchy eyes. According to recent reports, nearly half of all pet owners don’t know that environmental allergens could also affect their pets and make them feel just as miserable as the people they depend on most.


Does Pet Food Quality Matter?

Just as nutrition is important for humans, a pet’s diet determines his or her health and well-being. Many owners take the time to read the ingredient list on pet food packaging, considering this a critical factor in selecting their pet’s food.

Dog Drinking Water

How Much Water Should a Dog Drink?

Water is essential for all life. It is required for every chemical process in the body: it moisturizes the air in the lungs, transports oxygen and other nutrients to cells via the bloodstream, regulates body temperature, and lubricates joints while also protecting internal organs. Drinking enough water is vital for your dog’s health.

Dog nail trimming

Why is it Important to Trim Your Pet’s Nails?

A solid pet-grooming schedule includes more than just bathing and brushing your pet. To protect both the owner and animal, nails/claws should be clipped regularly.