Veterinary Services For Dogs

At Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital, we know that your dog is more like family than a pet. Our approach to canine vet services is centered on a compassionate, comprehensive, and competent Care program designed to help your dog live the highest quality life possible. This commitment to good communication and trust has allowed us to partner with so many great clients in the Tulsa area to help provide excellent vet services for their dogs.

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Comprehensive Canine Veterinary Medicine

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A great dog veterinarian must rely on their ability to successfully diagnose, prevent or treat a wide variety of illnesses or ailments that could affect canines. To ensure the most comprehensive care plan, our vets take the time to listen to pet owners' concerns and use that information to provide the best choices possible, even in difficult situations. Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital can perform any preventative care procedure to medical diagnosis or emergency surgery.

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As a veterinary hospital, we can provide a wide range of health services for your dog no matter what age, breed, or problems they may be facing. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to the services you need most whenever you may need them to avoid any further problems from becoming apparent. Some of the vet services for dogs that we provide to Sapulpa and the surrounding areas include:

  • Vaccinations

    Our vets can customize vaccination protocols to meet your dog's age, medical history, travel habits, home environment, and lifestyle. No matter what unique needs your dog may have, we can help.

  • Sterilizing a pet is a requirement in Tulsa before a dog reaches six months of age. We have refined the process of pre-surgical, surgical, and post-operation Care for any spay or neuter procedure to ensure your dog remains safe and comfortable. 

  • Wellness Exams

    Maintaining a proper preventative care plan requires semi-annual wellness exams to identify emerging health issues and remedy them before they develop. Our veterinarian team is committed to ensuring your dog has the correct diagnosis whenever needed.

  • Once you introduce a new puppy into your home, it is essential to give them the Care and treatment they need to remain healthy. With our puppy care program, you can ensure they are in the best hands possible. 

  • Helping a dog age while keeping them healthy is vital for avoiding health problems associated with old age. Our senior care program can help ensure your dog has the resources and treatment needed to live out its best golden years. 

  • By following a preventive care program, your dog will remain happy and healthy year-round, regardless of the external factors that could potentially affect them. Our veterinarian team makes your dog's health a priority.

  • Parasite Treatment and Prevention

    Some parasitic infections can be life-threatening if they aren't prevented or treated quickly. We can help protect your dog or treat them if exposed to parasitic threats. 

  • Heartworm Prevention

    Advanced Care Veterinary Clinic understands the importance of heartworm prevention in Oklahoma. Let us help educate you on its dangers while providing medical prevention through heartworm treatments. 

  • Our vets employ various effective and safe flea and tick treatments to help keep these unwanted pests from attaching themselves to your dog. 

  • Helping your dog avoid periodontal disease and other dental conditions can help prevent more severe problems from occurring. Our knowledge and expertise in dental Care can help.  

  • Emergency Care

    If you require emergency care outside of our regular office hours, we can help facilitate your dog's treatment and any other emergency services that may be necessary, including elective surgery and emergency surgery.

  • Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital offers a range of services designed to assist your dog with pain management, including laser therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture to facilitate healing further. 

  • X-Rays and Ultrasound

    Sometimes, imaging may be required to provide details about your pet's health. We can take detailed, clear x-rays and get the images quickly to decrease stress on your dog. 

  • When an injury occurs, or a dog faces a health problem that could affect their quality of life, engaging in physical therapy is one of the best ways to get them rehabilitated and on track to a healthier and happier life.

  • Dogs can have various nutritional needs based on their age, breed, or other underlying conditions. At Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital, we know how vital dog nutrition is, and we can help you develop a balanced and healthy meal plan.

  • While many dog owners opt for a collar ID tag, these may get lost if the dog is stolen or mistakenly gets out of the home. With microchipping, any time your dog is lost or collected by an animal shelter, they will be able to contact you quickly.

  • Finding out your dog is experiencing vision problems or vision loss can be a scary experience. Fortunately, Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital can treat many optical conditions in-office with medication or flushing.

Dog Surgery Options

Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital is ready and prepared for surgery as a fully equipped dog hospital if the need arises. While no one likes to think about their best friend needing surgery, unfortunate situations may arise that require it. If you find yourself in need of surgery services for dogs, our vets are here to help guide you and your dog through pre-surgery protocols, the surgical procedure needed, and aftercare or rehabilitation. 

From the veterinarians to the technicians and front staff, our entire team strives to provide the most compassionate and professional dog vet services possible. From the moment you reach out to our hospital, our goal is to ensure your most significant problems are addressed, you are informed, and your dog is receiving the best care possible. 

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Why Choose Advanced Care for Dog Veterinary Services?

Advanced Care is more than just a primary care hospital. Our patients and clients are unique to us and are why we always treat everyone who comes to visit as another member of our family every time they walk in our doors. We do not treat every patient the same because we understand that each requires individualized Care and attention.  

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Meet Our Doctors

Jennifer Patton


Dr. Patton’s decision to pursue veterinary medicine came after she realized that while education and teaching is her passion, it is not something she could do as a career. Veterinary medicine allowed her to combine her love of animals with her love of teaching.

After she graduated from Oklahoma State University with her Doctorate, she practiced in several high volume hospitals in the Tulsa area, developing medical skills with varied case loads and growing her leadership skills.


Allissa Huckabay


Dr. Huckabay’s love of science and animals naturally led her to a lifelong passion of veterinary medicine. She worked and volunteered at a local veterinary hospital before she furthered her education at Oklahoma State University, graduating in 2016 with her Doctorate.

Dr Huckabay immediately found her home at ACVH, where she is able to create a healthy bond with each of her patients as she experiences all stages of their care with their owners.


Phillip Adolph

Phillip Adolph, DVM is a graduate of Oklahoma State University Veterinary Health Sciences. He also attended OSU for his undergraduate studies where he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Agriculture through the College of Animal Sciences. Dr. Adolph was on the President’s Honor Roll and was a member of the OSU jazz orchestra. He joined the Advanced Care team immediately upon his graduation in 2019 after doing 6 weeks of externships during his 4th year of veterinary school.