Acupuncture for Cats

Acupuncture has been a trusted component of traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years and is based on the idea that all living things have an invisible energy force that circulates along the meridians of the body. Since each of these meridians is tied to various organ systems within the body and can become blocked, illness and disease can begin to develop without intervention. With acupuncture, these different points of the meridian are stimulated with small needles to clear blockages that may be present and allow the body to use its own energy to heal itself once this energy force is restored to normal. 

Cat Acupuncture

Although the Western view of acupuncture is far different from its original roots, it is still believed that these meridian points contain clusters of nerve endings that can enhance healing or alleviating causes of pain once they are triggered. And, while there may be much speculation about why acupuncture is an important part of modern medicine, there is no denying the value it can provide to both humans and their feline friends. Fortunately, Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital is here to help make the process easy with effective and safe acupuncture for cats. 

As the most trusted veterinary hospital in the Tulsa area, Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital is honored to provide acupuncture for cats and other uncommon treatment options to ensure our clients and the pet owners in Green Country have the support their need to help their cat live their best life possible. While acupuncture may not be the right fit for your favorite feline, it can often be recommended as a safe treatment option for a variety of health conditions including digestive problems, inflammation, arthritis and much more. To determine if your cat is a candidate for acupuncture or may benefit from the treatment, contact us today to schedule your initial appointment. 


How Does Acupuncture for Cats Work?

As previously alluded to, acupuncture requires the use of small, flexible needles that are inserted into the skin to stimulate certain areas of the cat’s body that contain clusters of nerve endings. Once the needles have been inserted in the correct locations, the nerves will often start releasing pain-relieving endorphins while improving blood circulation or limiting the frequency or intensity of muscle spasms. While the though your cat being poked by small needles may seem like a scary idea, our team works to ensure the process is harmless and your cat remains safe and comfortable throughout the acupuncture treatment they are receiving. 

Cat Acupuncture

In most cases, acupuncture for cats will last anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the unique needs of the cat and the reasons they are receiving treatments. Throughout the treatment period, thin, flexible needles are inserted at pivotal areas and left for several minutes before they are removed. While the process may seem painful in theory, no anesthesia is needed, and your pet will remain conscious throughout the entire process. If requested, owners may be allowed to sit in on the sessions to ensure their cat is not stressed or feeling separation discomfort. 

Like other treatments, the frequency in which your cat will require acupuncture treatments can vary depending on the condition that is prompting its use. In most cases, cats will receive anywhere between one and three weekly sessions to ensure the medical problems that are facing is under control. After this, the maintenance period will continue to require acupuncture services, but they will also be kept to a minimum to maintain the quality of life the cat has or ensure that the problem doesn’t worsen and cause progress to be lost. 

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Is Acupuncture for Cats Painful?

Once acupuncture for cats is suggested as a treatment option, one of the first questions the pet owner generally asks is “Is it painful?”. When performed properly, acupuncture is a painless experience and only a small poke is felt when the needles are inserted. Although, there are instances when a duller sensation is felt as the acupuncture needle hits a point of nerve clusters and the healing process is stimulated. In our experience, many cats will relax and enjoy the procedure once the needles are inserted and may even fall asleep naturally as a side effect of the treatments while they are being performed. 

The veterinary staff at Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital has been professionally trained to not only accurately insert needles to elicit a healing response but ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe throughout the entirety of the process. The last thing you should be worried about when you visit a veterinary hospital is whether of your not your cat is receiving the care and compassion that you expect.


Our team will work tirelessly to ensure they are as comfortable as possible throughout the process and pain is not being felt by your cat during acupuncture treatments. We want your cat to feel safe and protected from the moment they enter our facilities and throughout any treatment options that may require to feel better or remain healthy. 

What are the Benefits of Acupuncture for Cats?

While acupuncture for cats is not a cure-all, there are many conditions and diseases that cats may develop that can benefit from the treatment option. Although pain management is among the most common reason for seeking out acupuncture treatments, promising results have also been achieved for other conditions like gastrointestinal problems, skin problems and respiratory problems. Working closely with an experienced veterinarian can help determine if your cat is a great candidate for this innovative treatment option that may help them live a pain-free and happy life. Some of the common conditions that can be treated with acupuncture include: 

  • Musculoskeletal problems, such as arthritis, IVDD, traumatic nerve injury, lameness

  • Respiratory problems

  • Skin problems, such as allergic dermatitis and lick granulomas

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Reproductive disorders

  • Neurologic disorders, such as seizures, nerve paralysis, incontinence

Whenever acupuncture is suggested for your cat, one of the health issues above will likely be the determining factor as to why. And, although acupuncture may be beneficial for a variety of other health issues not found in this list, your veterinarian may suggest it as a possible treatment option for other conditions. When acupuncture is used with other traditional methods of medicine, the combination has the potential to improve the quality of life for your cat and ensure they remain comfortable as they continue to age. 

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What Other Services Can My Cat Receive?

In addition to acupuncture services, Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital also gives pet owners a wide variety of veterinary medicine services to ensure their cat's health problems are diagnosed quickly, prevented when possible and treated quickly. To ensure we provide the best service possible for our clients, our staff will take the time to listen to any concerns or questions that the owner may have about their cat and use that information to create the best treatment plan possible to address those needs, even if a difficult situation occurs. Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital can perform any procedure from preventative care to medical diagnosis or emergency surgery. 

No matter what services your pet may need other than acupuncture, we are sure to have the perfect fit as well as the team with the knowledge and experience needed to make a positive impact. If you have a cat in need of preventative care or other specialized services, Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital is here to help. Although we may not be able to make every cat feel like they are at home, we strive to ensure that they feel safe throughout their time in our facilities while receiving the best care possible to meet the unique issues or health problems they may be facing.


As a veterinary hospital, we can provide a wide range of health services for your cat no matter what age, breed or problems they may be facing.

Vet Care Cat

Our goal is to ensure that you have access to the services you need most, whenever you may need them, to avoid any further problems from becoming apparent. If your cat needs diagnosis or specific treatment option, Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital is the perfect partner to meet your needs. Our team of veterinarians is here to help you diagnose and treat any problems that your feline friend may be facing. Contact us today or visit our Cat Services page for more information or to learn what is possible! 

How Can You Schedule Acupuncture for Your Cat?

Any cat owner that needs to schedule acupuncture treatments for the first time will need to contact the team at Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital. In many cases, we will require an initial consultation and examination to determine what problems your cat may be facing and then create the best care plan possible to meet the unique problems they are facing. Our veterinarian team strives to ensure your cat is treated like it was our own and will work tirelessly to ease any stress or fear that may be associated with their visit and recommended treatments. 

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Dr. Patton’s decision to pursue veterinary medicine came after she realized that while education and teaching is her passion, it is not something she could do as a career. Veterinary medicine allowed her to combine her love of animals with her love of teaching.

After she graduated from Oklahoma State University with her Doctorate, she practiced in several high volume hospitals in the Tulsa area, developing medical skills with varied case loads and growing her leadership skills.


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