These days a veterinary visit can mean a lot of things for a pet parent and their family member. It can cause fear, frustration, confusion, or even mistrust. But what if there were a hospital that you could walk into and feel at ease and comfortable from start to finish? When a client walks in the door at Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital we strive to provide a welcoming and educational environment to create that exact feeling for them during each and every visit. We have doctors who specialize in many species and modalities, allowing every family member to receive the care and experience that they deserve.

At Advanced Care we take pride in providing alternative and integrative care that can help and heal your pets. We work with pet parents closely to allow them to achieve optimal pet health through the balance of mind, body, and overall wellness while using both Eastern and Western medicine. We take our time with each patient while educating and allowing owners to participate in their pets care during the entire process. This allows pet parents to understand what is happening and to be guided to make the best possible choices for their family member. Our doctors and technicians are always available when questions or concerns arise.

Advanced Care also offers gold standard and up-to-date medical, surgical, and dental veterinary care as well as customized rehabilitation, chiropractic, and acupuncture services.

Advanced Care always strives to offer the best quality of care for any price range. We offer Health Plans created by our doctors that offers easy monthly payment options for pet parents. A Preventive Care Clinic is also offered once a month, where we waive the office visit so your pet can receive all of his or her yearly preventive care by their regular veterinarian at an affordable price.

Our Doctors

Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital - Dr Jennifer Patton

Jennifer Patton

Dr. Patton’s decision to pursue veterinary medicine came after she realized that while education and teaching is her passion, it is not something she could do as a career. Veterinary medicine allowed her to combine her love of animals with her love of teaching.

After she graduated from Oklahoma State University with her Doctorate, she practiced in several high volume hospitals in the Tulsa area, developing medical skills with varied case loads and growing her leadership skills.

Her interests have varied through the years, but she has always loved working dogs and training, so rehabilitation and conditioning has become her primary focus. Her own involvement with performance and sports dogs helps her to understand and communicate with client’s on a higher level.

Dr. Patton uses a combination of therapeutic exercise, supplements, herbs, medications, chiropractic care, manual therapies and state of the art equipment at ACVH to help return and keep dogs at peak levels of competition for many years.

In her spare time she enjoys training and showing her own dogs in herding, agility and competitive obedience, among other sports. If she is not at the hospital, you can almost always find her enjoying outdoor activities with her husband John, of 22 years, and their ‘fur children’, German Shepherd Rowdy, Border Collies, Dublin and Lloyd, Dutch Shepherd Neo, and Chance the silly yellow lab.

Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital - Dr Alissa Huckabay

Alissa Huckabay

Dr. Huckabay’s love of science and animals naturally led her to a lifelong passion of veterinary medicine. She worked and volunteered at a local veterinary hospital before she furthered her education at Oklahoma State University, graduating in 2016 with her Doctorate.

Dr Huckabay immediately found her home at ACVH, where she is able to create a healthy bond with each of her patients as she experiences all stages of their care with their owners.

Dr. Huckabay has a special interest in surgical procedures such as orthopedic and musculoskeletal, lacerations and mass removals. She is also very passionate about dental disease education.

Dr. Huckabay jokingly says that her hobbies include anything ‘dog’. She is active in flyball, agility, dock diving, and lure coursing, as well as training and behavior. She and her husband, Austin, stay busy with their well behaved (most of the time) circus crew, Labrador Zip, All American Dogs Riley and Quinn, Whippets Marley and Turbo, Tripod Long Hair Cat, Max, and Zulu and Zola, Sulcata Tortoises.

Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital - Dr Phillip Adolph

Phillip Adolph

Phillip Adolph, DVM is a graduate of Oklahoma State University Veterinary Health Sciences. He also attended OSU for his undergraduate studies where he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Agriculture through the College of Animal Sciences. Dr. Adolph was on the President’s Honor Roll and was a member of the OSU jazz orchestra. He joined the Advanced Care team immediately upon his graduation in 2019 after completeing 6 weeks of externships at ACVH during his 4th year of veterinary school.

Dr. Adolph was born in Tulsa, OK and lived in Okmulgee, OK for the first three years of his life before moving to Beggs, OK.  He attended the Beggs school system his entire life. While in high school he enjoyed playing golf, tennis and was a member of the Beggs High School marching and jazz bands. He has one younger sister who is a chemical engineer in Dallas, TX. 

Now that he is out of school and has a little bit of free time Dr. Adolph loves spending time with his dog, Dundie, and his numerous reptiles.

Our Staff

Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital - Justin Barrett

Justin Barrett

Justin has been with Advanced Care since July of 2015. When he was a small child, like many of us, he had to endure the loss of one of his family pets.  Since that day Justin has been passionate about helping animals and ensuring they are well taken care of. Justin has a special interest in sports medicine, OFA hips and elbows and dental procedures and extractions.

Justin and his wife, Ashleigh, have three dogs, Woodrow, Spice, and Ike.  Spice is the hardest working dog they have. Ike is their “wonder boy” because sometimes you wonder what he is doing and other times you are in wonderment of him. Lastly, Woodrow is what they like to call their terror. He is their ornery one.

Justin spends his weekends going to church, hunting, working dogs, or golfing. He also likes watching marvel movies and working with his hands out on the farm.

Abbi Keeling

Abbi Keeling
Veterinary Assistant

Abbi has been an animal lover from the start. As a child she stayed in trouble for bringing various critters in the house as “pets” and was always begging to bring home those that needed a home.  From reptiles to pocket pets, she had it all. That admiration for animals has only grown since then, fueling her decision to seek a career in the pet industry. Abbi was a dog trainer for Petco for a year before coming to Advanced Care and while she enjoyed it, she enjoys the science and fundamentals found in vet med more than she ever imagined.

Abbi’s home life is almost as pet-involved as her job, she currently shares her and her boyfriend’s home with five dogs of their own, one of which is a Blue Tick Coonhound they have hopes to be a grand champion one day. Aside from the canine companions, they have two horses and a small herd of miniature pigs. While they tend to take up most of her spare time, Abbi also enjoys getting outdoors and hiking, hunting, and fishing. 

Abbi has lived in Sapulpa her entire life and graduated from Sapulpa High School in 2016. One of her favorite things about working at ACVH is getting to provide affordable, yet exceptional vet care to her hometown and help spread awareness about proper pet care.

Rylee Olson Portrait

Rylee Hanson
Veterinary Assistant

Rylee was the little girl who always knew working with animals is what she would do when she grew up. Rylee interned at a Veterinary Clinic in high school and as soon as she had the opportunity she went to work at a veterinary clinic.  Her focus is mostly geared toward canine rehabilitation and massage therapy. Her goal is to continue her education to become a certified canine massage therapist.

Rylee comes from a big family. She has 9 siblings and more family members than she can count. When she is not at the clinic working with rehabilitation patients you can find her at home watching movies or working with her dogs. Hugo, the ogre, is her gorgeous St. Bernard and Heimdall is her precious pit bull puppy. Rylee also enjoys do-it-yourself activities and yoga. She is also working to get Hugo certified to be a therapy dog that she can take to nursing homes, hospitals and schools.

Rosalynd Hillard Portrait

Rosalynd Hilliard
Veterinary Assistant

When Rosalynd was eight years old her family rescued some injured baby bunnies that they found. They took them to the veterinarian and this was the first time Rosalynd was introduced to veterinary medicine. Since that day she knew she wanted to be involved in veterinary medicine in any way possible. So, when she was old enough she started volunteering at veterinary hospitals anytime she had a chance. Advanced Care is the second clinic where Rosalynd has worked. Her special interests when it comes to veterinary medicine is wildlife rehab and avian. Rosalynd loves to be involved with laser therapy, mass removals, and of course c-sections, because who doesn’t enjoy loving on sweet new puppies.

Rosalynd comes from a military family. She has four sisters and a sweet Australian Shepherd puppy named Sora. Rosalynd enjoys exploring different destinations around Oklahoma and trying new things. She likes hiking, painting, crocheting and running 5K’s.  She claims video games are life.

Picture of Kennedi Selcer

Kennedi Selcer
Veterinary Assistant

Kennedi graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science and Microbiology.  After her graduation, she moved to Oregon where she pursued an internship with a wildlife rehabilitation center.  This gave Kennedi the opportunity to live on the coast and expand her knowledge of wildlife care and handling.  She plans to continue her career in animal care and hopes to one day work with exotics full time.

In her free time, Kennedi enjoys all things outdoors.  She loves to play sports and enjoys going to the mountains to ski.  She enjoys time with her three rescue dogs, Buttons, a 17 year old doxy, Harley, a 7 year old corgi terrier mix, and Karma, a 13 year old Lab.

Ashley Brunner

Ashley Brunner
Vet Assistant

As a child, Ashley's first experience with animals was when she found kittens abandoned by their mother when she was eight years old. She and her mother took those kittens to their local veterinarian where Ashley was introduced to veterinary medicine. Her love of helping animals in need blossomed through the years, and she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian one day. She completed her undergraduate studies at Oklahoma State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Animal Science. Ashley has been recently accepted into the Oklahoma State Veterinary College of Veterinary Medicine where she will start classes fall of 2023. Before working at Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital, she shadowed the doctors and technicians during the summers of her college years. In addition to a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix that loves to snuggle under blankets, Ashley has an asthmatic long-haired tabby cat. Ashley enjoys playing the flute and watching upcoming movies with her friends in her spare time, and she also enjoys family game nights on Saturdays.


Whitney Cragg
Vet Assistant

Whitney is a native Oklahoman who grew up in Glenpool, Oklahoma.  Her earliest childhood memories included the family dog.  Whitney’s love for animals and making sure people are educated on properly caring for animals prompted her to seek a career in the veterinary field.  Whitney has six tropical fish, one guinea pig named Speedy, two cats named Sweetie and Tonkies and two dogs named Callie and Stella. Whitney enjoys training and agility with her dogs, and in her spare time likes to hike and play fetch with Callie and Stella.  Whitney recently married her fiancé, Garrett.

Ceirra Cook

Ceirra Cook
Vet Assistant

Ever since Ceirra knew what a job was she always said she wanted to work with animals. That passion started when she went to a wildlife education center and saw a “big yellow snake” .  From that point on she always begged her mom to let her keep a snake.  Ceirra is a reptile enthusiast and wants to further her education in animal husbandry and reptile care.  Ceirra has two sisters and currently shares three snakes, two lizards, one dog, one cat and a hedgehog with her boyfriend.  Ceirra has lived in Sapulpa since she was four years old.  She graduated from Sapulpa High School in 2020.


Alyssa Alexander
Kennel Technician

Alyssa grew up in Sand Springs, OK.  Her first animal was Daisy, The Hamster.  Alyssa knew she wanted to work in a veterinary hospital because she loves animals and has her eye on becoming a veterinarian. Currently, Alyssa has five dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, two ducks and somewhere around 20 chickens.  She and her dog Chewpie like relaxing together.  In her spare time Alyssa likes to hike, be outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Walisi Underwood

Walisi Underwood
Kennel Technician

Walisi grew up in Bristow, OK and her first animal was a Boxer named Coco.  While growing up she was always the one to surprise her parents by bringing home random animals like opossums, squirrels, dogs, baby cows and so much more. Walisi decided to work in a veterinary hospital because she has always had a soft spot for animals and enjoys being around them.  Currently Walisi has three dogs, Bia, Max and Jolene.  In addition to her dog friends she has a hedgehog named Beggs. Walisi and her pets enjoy evening car rides around town, hanging out on the couch and watching TV. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, trying new things, spending time with friends and family.  Summer is her favorite season.

Katrina Stevens

Katrina Stevens
Kennel Technician

Katrina grew up in Glenpool, OK  and wanted to work with animals as long as they can remember. On Katrina’s second birthday a gray tabby named Kronos was the best ever birthday present.  Currently they have two cats and a Sun Conure, which is a lively, vocal and expressive bird.  Katrina is going to school to be a Veterinary Assistant in hopes to have a lifetime career with animals and veterinary clinics.

Jordyn Morris

Jordyn Morris

Jordyn grew up in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina and in 2021 moved 1,000 miles to Oklahoma to be with the love of her life.  Jordyn has loved animals all her life and her first dog of 17 years was a Weenie Dog appropriately named Precious.  After relocating to Oklahoma Jordyn decided to work in the veterinary field because of her love of animals.  Jordyn has three dogs, Odin, Chapo and Juniper.  Her two cats are named, Oliver Don Pablo and Lil Mamas. Her recently acquired Tortoise is named Thumbs.

In her spare time she and her dogs enjoy going to the park, riding in the car and hiking. Jordyn also likes taking long walks to the fridge, reading books and working on puzzles.


Amber Carrell

Amber grew up in Muncie, Indiana. Amber’s passion for furry creatures started at a very young age. Her daddy worked in construction and he was always bringing home animals. Rowdy, a baby raccoon who lived in their bathtub and Rocket, a rooster that pooped all over their garage are just a few. Amber moved to Sand Springs, Oklahoma when she was 16. She graduated from Charles Page H.S. Her family and friends always told her that she was great with kids. So, Amber pursued teaching and graduated in 2019 with her Early Childhood Education degree from NSU. For 11 years, Amber booked vacation packages for American Airlines. She loves traveling to various destinations around the world. Hawaii and Austria are 2 of her favorites. Amber is a lab lover. Jersey was her joggin’ dog and Brutus was a fetching machine. Shortly after they went to doggie heaven, Amber and her husband Benjamen adopted an orange Tabby. He is their loveable Leo. Amber enjoys running. She recently completed a ½ marathon and she is now training for a full. It brings Amber so much peace and joy loving and caring for fur babies. Her dream is to have a family farm.

Morgan Johnson

Morgan Johnson

Morgan grew up in Glenpool, Oklahoma.  Her first pet was a pug named Mya.  When she was very young she would look under rocks for ants or roly pollies, bring them in the house and tell her mom they were her “Piends” (short for friends).  Ever since Morgan was a little girl she has had a huge heart for animals. She would bring home anything and everything.  Currently Morgan has three animals. She has a Border Collie mix named Ellie, an orange tabby cat named Piper and a Weimaraner named Lincoln. Ellie and Lincoln enjoy riding in the car and going to brunch with Morgan. They also like lake trips and hiking. In Morgan’s spare time she enjoys photography, fishing, traveling and being around her friends and family.

Lexi Archer

Lexi Archer

Lexi grew up in Sand Springs, OK and her first animal was a guinea pig named Guinea Guy, who drove her Barbie doll car.  Lexi loves helping animals stay healthy and their owners stay happy, so a career in the veterinary world seemed a great fit. Currently she has three dogs, Digby, Pearl and Roxie, and one horse. Lexi graduated from OSU with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science.  She is a Civil Affairs Specialist in the Army Reserves.  In her spare time she enjoys cake decorating, outdoor sports, riding her horse, skiing, hiking, ice skating and nature in general.

Kelsey Waltman Portrait

Kelsey Waltman

Kelsey can’t remember a time in her life when she didn’t have an animal growing up. She has always shared a love for all creatures whether it is a dog, ferret, rat or snake. This is what inspired her from a young age to pursue a career working in a veterinary clinic.

Kelsey started working as a vet tech in 2017 and prior to that she was a kennel tech. Although, Kelsey enjoys the interaction with animals in the back side of the hospital, she is using the knowledge she gained working as a technician and kennel technician to compliment the front side of our hospital at Advanced Care as a member of our outstanding team of receptionists.

Kelsey is the youngest of three children and the only girl. Kelsey’s hobbies include taking Bodhi, her devious rescue Anatolian Shepherd mix, on hikes at Osage National Park. She also has one dachshund, Tink a 9 year old, neurotic, red dapple, with a personality much bigger than her small size. Kelsey also enjoys hiking, reading, OSU Baseball and Softball, and anything Marine life.

Kathleen Pollard

Kathleen Pollard
Inventory Manager

Kathleen was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from DeVry University, with a Bachelor's degree in Finance.  Kathleen worked in the oil and gas industry for ten years using her finance degree prior to joining Advanced Care in 2021. Kathleen was an ACVH client for 5 years, and when a position became available to manage the inventory, she jumped at the chance to join the ACVH family. Dogs have always been a huge part of Kathleen's life, and she has a heart for senior dogs with special needs.  Kathleen likes to joke that she collects dogs and houseplants. She has three dogs; Chandler a 17 year old beagle mix, Max a 10 year old black lab and Holly an 8 year old pittie mix, as well as over 50 house plants including String of Pearls,  Philodendrons,  Ficus, Thai Constellation Monstera  and more. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening, taking pictures of insects in her backyard and playing with her dogs. Kathleen entered several of her photographs in the 2022 Tulsa State Fair and received several awards including Best of Show.

Lisa White Portrait

Lisa White
Hospital Manager

Lisa believes the veterinarian field is a fun place to be a part of.  As a child who had a variety of animals, she always knew it would be a great place for her to work. Lisa is married to Dr. DeRoy White, an equine veterinarian.  Through her marriage with Dr. White she gained two “I do” children, Will and Brittany.

Lisa also has other children who are like daughters to her, Ellaine from the Philippines and Karen from Honduras. Lisa is actively involved at First United Methodist Church in downtown Tulsa where she teaches adult Sunday school classes and participates in mission trips.

Lisa’s hobbies include competing with their horses in ranch sorting, riding and showing horses, growing flowers and vegetables, jewelry making, volunteering at youth enrichment programs and shopping for houses that that need a renovation. Lisa has a golden retriever they call Maya Papaya who barks nonstop when Lisa gets home until she gets her Oravet chew. Scram Sam is their cat. Both Maya and Sam help with feeding all the horses.