Does your dog need dental cleaning

Does Your Dog Need Dental Cleaning?

Examine the significance of dental care for dogs, as well as the frequency of dental cleanings, symptoms of dental health issues, and cleaning processes.

nutrition tips for dogs

Top 7 Nutrition Tips for Dogs: A Guide to a Healthier Diet

Examine the Top 7 Nutrition Tips for Dogs: An all-inclusive manual for feeding and maintaining your dog’s health. Continue reading at Advanced Care Veterinarian Clinic.

Playing cat on a floor

10 Nutrition Tips for Cats Every Newbie Owner Should Know

Nutrition is a critical component of cat care that new owners should be aware of. Here are 10 Cat Nutrition Tips that every new owner should be aware of.

Dogs are eating dry food from two white

Does Dog Food Quality Really Matter?

When it comes to feeding your dog, the quality of the food you choose matters far more than many people realize. Poor quality dog food can lead to a host of undesirable health issues for your pet, including digestive problems, obesity, and even behavioral issues. On the other hand, foods that are considered to be…

Golden Retriever Looking Out Of Car Window

How to Make Your Pet Healthy & Happy 

Regardless of if you have a hamster or a horse, pets mean a lot to humans. There are many different strategies, medicines, training, and guidance for our animal’s behavioral and health concerns. Sometimes it can be overwhelming! Fortunately, keeping your pet healthy and happy is easy when you partner with the experts…

puppy and fluffy cat after bath wrapped in towel

5 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Pet 

What is better than a day of pampering? Honestly- not much. A trip to the spa, a day of relaxation, or simply your favorite tea on the couch can really turn a day around. But what about your pet? They could use some quality pampering as well. With all the love and…

woman embracing cute puppy dog border collie

October is National Pet Wellness Month

October is national pet wellness month, meaning there is no better time to reach out to organizations and learn the importance of maintaining your little one’s health. In celebration of this month, multiple organizations will offer pet owners training about what they can implement on their pet lifestyle to keep them healthy…


Does Pet Food Quality Matter?

Just as nutrition is important for humans, a pet’s diet determines his or her health and well-being. Many owners take the time to read the ingredient list on pet food packaging, considering this a critical factor in selecting their pet’s food.