live stock, sheep and cattle on a farm

What is the Difference Between 4H and FFA?

What kind of fun things did you do as a child? Did you bike? Run? Go swimming? I am sure all those activities were on your list. Still, for kids growing up in Oklahoma, another option is working with animals, planting and growing fruits and vegetables, and learning about agriculture. First, students begin learning about…

How to Raise Happy and Healthy Backyard Chickens

Essential Tips for Happy and Healthy Backyard Chickens

People commonly seek out pets for companionship. This will typically include cats, dogs, and other furry animals. However, chickens are also surprisingly domesticated and can make great companions as pets. Raised from baby chicks, chickens become quite friendly with their owners. Some may also consider chickens to be cute and cuddly pets.…

Chicken in the grass

Do Chickens Make Good Pets? 

Dogs are highly regarded as man’s best friend. Cats, although sometimes elusive, are also widely considered desirable companions. Birds, guinea pigs, lizards, and even micro pigs have each had a season of being seen as a popular pet to own. Recently, however, there is a new animal as queen of the coop.…