Veterinarian checking microchip implant under sheepdog dog skin in vet clinic with scanner device

What Are the Benefits of a Pet Microchip?

A pet microchip is a small electronic device implanted under a pet’s skin. It contains a unique identification number that can be used to identify the pet if it ever becomes lost or stolen.

vet in protective gloves examining the pet with stethoscope in vet clinic

Cat Specialist Vets: How to Find the Best One

When choosing a veterinarian for your cat, it is important to ensure that the veterinarian you select is experienced in dealing with cats specifically.

two dog paw prints in beach sand

Is It Better to Cremate or Bury a Pet?

When it comes to saying goodbye to a pet, it can be a difficult and emotional decision. For many pet owners, it is a difficult choice to make between burying and cremation. While the decision is ultimately up to the pet owner, there are a few things to consider when making this decision. Cremation is…

Remains and photographs of a deceased

Coping with the Death of a Pet

Coping with the death of a pet can be one of the most difficult experiences we have to face in life. Death is a natural part of life, and the death of a beloved pet can leave us feeling overwhelmed and sad. Although it can be challenging to come to terms with the loss of…

Kitten and puppy taking nap

The Pet Owner’s Guide to Heartworms

As a pet owner, it is important to be aware of the dangers of heartworm infection in pets. Preventative measures such as giving heartworm preventative medication regularly are the only way to protect pets from these parasites. Pet owners must understand the importance of heartworm prevention and take the necessary steps to protect their pets.…

American shorthair cat kissing her kitten

Cat or Kitten: Which Should You Adopt?

When deciding whether to adopt a mature cat or a baby kitten as your family’s pet, there are several challenges to consider. First, a kitten will have lots of energy, and you might need to modify your home to keep them safe. Second, a mature cat will have less energy, plus you won’t have the…

Adorable cute red dog sitting at vet office

Finding the Perfect Vet: A Pet Owner’s Guide

In a world where dog mom and dad t-shirts are prevalent and people consider themselves parents even when they have no children, having a pet is the closest thing to a child for many people! Pets today live longer, better lives thanks to the convenience of excellent overall veterinary care and preventive attention. Pet owners…

Chihuahua sitting and relax at pet hotel

What to Look for When Boarding Your Pet 

We all love our pets. They bring so much into our daily lives. They make us laugh, cry, and cry laughing. They can feel like family! No matter how close we get to our pets, and no matter how much we don’t want to…we all need to leave them behind once in a while. One…

Old dog comfortable on dog bed

What to Expect from your Aging Pet

Your pets hold an extraordinary place in your lives. For most people, pets are right below your kids on the list of importance. And in today’s society, many younger couples are actually opting for fur babies rather than baby babies. This just shows us how incredibly loved a faithful pet can be. The only downfall…