Young adult woman holding adorable dog in animal shelter

The Benefits of Adopting Your Next Pet from a Shelter

If your family does not seem whole, you might be missing that one key piece that creates a complete home-a pet. Whether you get a dog or a cat, looking at a pet shelter may be your best option. The good news? There are many fantastic reasons to skip the breeder and choose a pet…

Hungarian hound on the field

10 Amazing Facts About Dogs

We know the technical name for a dog is canine, and we obviously know how lovable yet ornery they can be. But did you know that some interesting facts about our dogs make them quite amazing animals? Man’s best friend, fur baby, part of the family… there are many ways to refer to our dogs,…

Guide dog is helping a blind man in the city

Do’s and Don’ts When You See a Service Dog

Have you ever turned the corner at the grocery store only to be greeted by a dog and its owner? This was likely a service dog trained to assist its human with various tasks. When you encounter a service dog while out in public, it means that this dog is working. Many people tend to…

Veterinarian holding syringe with vaccine

What Shots Does My Pet Need?

Deciding to get a new pet can be exciting and a tad overwhelming. What type of kennel should you get? How big does it need to be? What kind of cat food is best? Do you need a leash or a harness? What vet should I take my pet to? As the list of questions…

live stock, sheep and cattle on a farm

What is the Difference Between 4H and FFA?

What kind of fun things did you do as a child? Did you bike? Run? Go swimming? I am sure all those activities were on your list. Still, for kids growing up in Oklahoma, another option is working with animals, planting and growing fruits and vegetables, and learning about agriculture. First, students begin learning about…

Dwraf hedgehog on stump

Popular and Legal Exotic Pets 

When we think of having pets, most of us think of a dog, cat, or maybe a fish. However, these types of pets are not the only ones out there. Exotic pets are defined as animals that are not domesticated or are rare. Having a pet is a great way to help you get in…

Smiling Beautiful Family of Four Posing with Happy Golden Retriever Dog on the Backyard Lawn

10 Breeds That Make Great Family Dogs 

Adding a dog to the family is a big decision – one that nearly half of American Households make according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Deciding on the best breed to introduce into your home can be tricky. Which breeds are best with children? Which breeds are social with the whole family? Which breed…

Woman with her companion dog

What is a Companion Dog?

Dogs have long been called man’s best friend, which is no surprise considering their massive impact on our daily lives. For centuries, dogs have served as essential companions for people from all walks of life. The importance of a companion dog is finding new meaning today as they provide comfort and emotional support to people…

hand petting a cat under sunlight

How Do Cats Show Affection?

Head-butting is a sure sign that your cats love you. What your cat is doing with this show of affection is rubbing pheromones on you to let the other cats know to whom you belong.