Cat or Kitten: Which Should You Adopt?

January 16, 2023

When deciding whether to adopt a mature cat or a baby kitten as your family's pet, there are several challenges to consider. First, a kitten will have lots of energy, and you might need to modify your home to keep them safe. Second, a mature cat will have less energy, plus you won't have the daunting task of litterbox training. Third, the veterinarian costs for a kitten will be different than for a mature cat.

Considerations when Adopting a Kitten

There are several things to consider when you adopt a baby kitten. Some families prefer to start with a baby kitten because they prefer to watch their baby kitten grow and mature along with their small children. They also love the idea of caring for a kitten, much like you would care for a baby.

Another consideration for a young kittens is that they need almost constant supervision. You will want to safety-proof your home from dangers like electrical and computer cords, potentially dangerous decorations, household cleaners, etc. In other words, just as you would care for a baby, you must care for a kitten by ensuring its safety first and foremost.

Two small gray kitten

Considerations when Adopting an Adult Cat

It would be best to consider several things when adopting a mature cat. Some families prefer the idea of a mature cat as opposed to a kitten. Mature cats, for the most part, are already litterbox trained and have already grown into their typical routines, likes, and dislikes. They already have their personalities from previous homes.

You must consider that there is not much growth that comes with a cat, much like there is with a new baby kitten. So, if you want a grown cat that you don't have to baby, then a mature cat will be best for you.

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What Does it Cost to Adopt a Cat?

Families need to consider the cost of adopting a cat versus a kitten. One cost is toys. Just like you would buy baby toys for fun and entertainment, you will need to buy kitten toys. Mature cats do not require toys.

Another will be the cost of food. When you adopt a cat, you will need to feed them what they have already grown up with eating and their health. Whereas with a kitten, you can start them off with kitten food and discover what they like. Either way, you must consider their breed and pedigree because they may need a special diet.

One final consideration is the cost of your pet's expenses. When you adopt a mature cat, it could be from someone who is moving, one that has been abandoned, or it can be one that you adopt from a shelter. A shelter cost can range from $25 up to $200. You also save a life when you adopt a mature cat in these situations.

On the other hand, Kittens are generally abundant and available for adoption at a lower cost. They will need a trip to your veterinarian for early vaccinations and lifelong care. Depending on the breed or pedigree of your cat, they may have a high maintenance cost due to breed-specific health conditions. But you can discover all this when you take them to the veterinarian.

When considering adopting a cat or a kitten, call your local veterinarian and discuss your options. At Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital, we would love to help you decide and make an excellent decision for your family.

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