The Benefits of Adopting Your Next Pet from a Shelter

October 4, 2022

If your family does not seem whole, you might be missing that one key piece that creates a complete home—a pet. Whether you get a dog or a cat, looking at a pet shelter may be your best option. The good news? There are many fantastic reasons to skip the breeder and choose a pet looking for a forever home.

Why Is Adopting Shelter Pets Important?

The number of animals euthanized this year is estimated to exceed one million. This is simply because people do not think adoption from a shelter is a suitable option for them. There seems to be a common misconception that the animals there have health or behavioral problems that many do not want to deal with. Perhaps families think they will be unable to find the breed they want as there are limited options at a shelter. Some might also believe that adoption from a shelter is too complicated and time-consuming to choose as an option. These views of shelter adoption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Man pets his grey tabby cat after taking her home from the shelter

The animals that find themselves in a shelter have many different backstories. Some were abandoned by their owners or lost, never to be found. Some were brought in due to unforeseen circumstances in their owner’s life that inhibited them from giving the pet the care they deserve. And yes, some were born without an owner, had health issues, or were disobedient. You mustn’t focus on the bad backstories, as they may prevent you from finding your perfect, new pet.

1. Shelter Pets Help You Save a Life

The number one reason to adopt from a pet shelter is that you will save a life, or maybe even two. By bringing one of these furry friends home with you, you are saving their life from that dreaded fate many shelter pets face. This also creates more space at the shelter for a new pet to be housed. Overpopulation and overcrowding in shelters are serious issues in the world. You may be able to help that, even if only a little, by choosing to adopt from a shelter.

Happy family at animal shelter choosing a dog for adoption.

2. Shelter Pets Come with Accurate Information

When you adopt from a shelter, you will work with a group of people who have spent many hours with these animals. They will be able to tell you the type, maybe not an exact breed, and the temperament of your potential new pet. They will also be able to inform on any vaccinations the animals have or are lacking. You will be assured that the information they give you is accurate as their mission is not just to sell you an animal. They are genuinely trying to find the best home for this pet.

Along with all that information, you will also receive a lifetime of resources. The workers or volunteers are knowledgeable and have a passion for these animals. They will not hesitate to help you with any situations you might face.

3. Shelter Pets Provide Variety

Shelters have many different options for you to choose from. You can get a kitten or a puppy if you want a pet that will be able to grow with your family. This option usually comes with the adorable things that kittens and puppies do and those they need to be trained not to do. Baby animals are not for everyone. You will also have adult pets to choose from. These pets are definitely more chill and are certain to be house-trained. They will also require fewer vaccinations per year. No matter what you want in your pet, a shelter will surely have just what you need.

4. Shelter Pets Receive Quality Care

The pets that enter a shelter are given the best care upon arrival. They are up-to-date on their vaccinations and thoroughly cleaned and fed. Most shelters also offer spay and neutering before they are sent home with you. You will indeed have a piece of mind knowing that the animal you are bringing to your family has received the best care they could get.

5. Shelter Pets Help Lower Costs

Money makes the world go round, so spending less on anything is good. Adoption from a shelter only comes with a small rehoming fee to cover the costs of the care this animal received, as well as to help care for other animals that take their place. This fee will be drastically lower than the cost of a purebred that is only being sold for profit. Saving lives and money will weigh well on your conscience when you adopt from a shelter.

6. Shelter Pets Support a Charitable Cause

Every town or city in America needs an animal shelter. That is just a sad truth we all have to accept. Choosing to adopt from a shelter is a donation to a not-for-profit organization, and it sends a message to others around you who ask where you got your newfound friend. These organizations need to remain functional as they improve communities by prioritizing spay and neutering. This prioritization is necessary to reduce the number of animals born without a home.

Family getting to know two dogs in animal shelter
Family getting to know two dogs in animal shelter

These are not the only reasons to choose adoption from a shelter, yet they pretty much sum it all up. You could be the missing piece in an animal’s life who may be facing death. Adopting from a shelter is not just a viable option when getting a family pet, but it could be your best option.

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