How Do Cats Show Affection?

If you are the dog owner, you know precisely how that pet feels about you. Dogs tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, so to say. They will cuddle you while relaxing, give you plenty of slobbery kisses any chance, and go bonkers when you get home from work. There is no denying that your dog adores you.

On the other hand, cats do not show affection quite the same way. While sometimes you are left wondering if your cat even notices your existence, let alone loves you, the signs to prove that statement wrong are all around you. This article will give you the top 6 ways a cat shows their affection to its owners and best friends.

Brown British cat lying

The Ways Cats Show Affection

Head-butting is a sure sign that your cats love you. What your cat is doing with this show of affection is rubbing pheromones on you to let the other cats know to whom you belong. This is a cute and endearing show of love that a cat owner has felt very often and should relish at the moment.

One often misunderstood way a cat shows affection is by biting. I am not talking about a razor-toothed clench that a cat will do out of fear or in a defensive fashion. Playful little nibbles at their owner's hands are ways for a cat to show they are loved and love their owner in turn. These love nibbles are just little quirks from a content, loving cat.

When your cat does a little march-in-place on your legs is another show of affection. This is probably one of the most expected shows of affection. Cats begin kneading while they are kittens during their nursing. This is a cute way of the cat letting you know they feel the love you have for them, making them feel comfortable.

The most commonly known act of affection for the owner is the purr. Cats will frequently combine purrs with some of the other signs of love. On rare occasions, they will purr out of fear. However, it almost always means that they are happy to be around you. The more purring you hear from your pet, the better.

Cats will follow all around the house, often during inconvenient moments. While some see this as an annoyance, especially if you are in the middle of trying to get things done, you should adore this act. This means that your cat loves to be with you and cannot bear to be apart. Interrupting your bathroom visit, chores, or relaxation is just their way of telling you that your task can wait, and it is time to pay attention to them. If they stick to you like glue, then they truly love you.

Cat welcome his owner

Any cat owner has experienced this last show of affection that their feline friend will do. Finding a small gift at your doorstep is genuinely an endearing moment between you and your cat. Though you may not want to touch the gift with your bare hands, you should take it as an act of love. Cats are natural hunters. While you see a dead bird or rat on your doorstep, what your furry little companion is truly providing you with is a delicious meal.

Cats act in confusing manners to most people. To those who genuinely love and cherish their cat, these pets are just as affectionate as a dog. You just need to look a little harder and understand how they show their love. Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to how a cat loves you or even made you realize a desire to own a loving, feline friend.

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