How to Make Your Pet Healthy & Happy 

Regardless of if you have a hamster or a horse, pets mean a lot to humans. There are many different strategies, medicines, training, and guidance for our animal’s behavioral and health concerns. Sometimes it can be overwhelming! Fortunately, keeping your pet healthy and happy is easy when you partner with the experts at Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital.

Pet Health and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

One of the most challenging parts of keeping your pet healthy can be maintaining access to quality veterinary care. Whether the price or location is difficult, people can often feel burdened by a pet’s veterinary care requirements. A great option is translating what your vet suggests into simple terms to make a proactive and positive decision. As a protip, always ask, “what are my options?”

If you notice your pet acting in an unfamiliar way, be sure to monitor them closely. They may have lower energy, lose bile, or have a smaller appetite. You know your pet better than anyone, so trust your gut! If you watch and listen closely, you will quickly tell when something is off. Use your intuition to contact your veterinarian for a proper plan of action.

Cute dogs and cats together hanging paws

Another consideration for a happy and healthy pet is what kind of time you can allot. Many people with a heavy work schedule consisting of long hours opt for a cat instead of a dog since cats do not need to be let out to use the bathroom or to be walked. However, this can be an oversight. Frequently cats need a significant amount of attention too. It is vital to make sure that the environment in which they stay is stimulating and that they can engage with people and objects.

Does Your Pet Have Special Needs?

Whether you adopt a cat, a dog, or another animal entirely, be sure to spend some time considering its needs. If you have an animal with special needs, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time adjusting your expectations or physical space so that they can be both happy and healthy. For example, if you have a dog with three legs, can you still go on walks? Do you need to take it to rehab? Does it play well with other four-legged canines?

Family of Four Play Fetch flying disc with Happy Golden Retriever Dog on the Backyard

Special needs animals can often be found in shelters. While animal shelters can get a reputation for being sad places, this is often a myth! Shelter animals are often given a lot of love from the people who visit and the people who work at the shelter. Whether it is a volunteer or a paid worker, most of these people have a huge heart dedicated towards the cause of helping animals find homes.

Regardless of if your animal has special needs, it is important to pay attention to their health. Even though animals don’t talk, they can communicate with their owners in various ways. Like humans, they can express when they do not feel their best. Stomach aches, sore muscles, rashes on the skin, and bacterial infections are just a few of the common issues that ail both humans and animals.

Why Choose Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital?  

Advanced Care is more than just a primary care hospital. Our patients and clients are unique to us and are why we always treat everyone who comes to visit as another member of our family every time they walk in our doors. We do not treat every patient the same because we understand that each requires individualized care and attention. If you are ready to get started, contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our experienced and compassionate veterinarians!