5 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Pet 

What is better than a day of pampering? Honestly- not much. A trip to the spa, a day of relaxation, or simply your favorite tea on the couch can really turn a day around.

But what about your pet? They could use some quality pampering as well. With all the love and support they bring to their humans, we can turn the favor around and find some small ways to celebrate them too!

Sure, there is the yearly care of the dentist, a trip to the vet, maybe even occasional grooming. However, it is perhaps time to elevate your furry friend's pampered lifestyle! Here is another piece of good news: it doesn't have to cost a fortune! There are several easy ways to treat your furry friend to the finer things in life.

dog on field under golden sunset sky

1. Take Your Pet on a Morning Walk or Hike

For humans, one of the best things we can do for our bodies is to step out in the morning sunshine and gently move our bodies. Your dog would benefit from this too! Rather than doing a quick bathroom break in the morning and a longer stroll at night, why not change it up and take a longer adventure in the daytime hours?

Particularly after resting for multiple hours at night, your pup will be amped to get out and stretch its legs. When taking a casual morning stroll, you may notice your pet sniffing and pausing at new places. Not to mention that you get a chance to see your community in a new way and maybe even make some new friends for both you and the pup!

Female groomer haircut yorkshire terrier on the table for grooming in the beauty salon for dogs

2. Set up a Pet Grooming Appointment

Whether at home or professionally, your pet may benefit from quality grooming. Be sure that you have collected supplies (to start: a soft brush, treats, and a bag to collect excess fur).

To start, spend some quality time petting and cuddling your animal. You may even want to give them a treat! Then, after spending time just loving on them, whip out your soft brush. Gently stroking their fur for the next 10-15 minutes, you have time to connect with them while also helping maintain excellent pet hygiene. Depending on their outdoor activity level and breed, you may wind up with a significant amount of fur and dirt to clean up. Be sure to prepare for that ahead of time!

If you're looking to go the extra mile, consider a quality shampoo and conditioner for your pet as well. They'll get the complete spa treatment!

3. Upgrade Your Pet's Water Bowl

Most likely, you already make sure that your pet's water is clean and fresh. This is of utmost importance, but not the upgrade we mean!

Did you know that, particularly on a hot summer day, you can place a couple of ice cubes into the bowl to give your pet an extra treat? Not only is this refreshing, but it also keeps your pet hydrated and extra excited for the water bowl all day! Feel free to add ice cubes spontaneously throughout the day.

As the ice melts, the water will feel fresher for your pet. If you are using a shallow bowl, it will stay cooler for much longer once you add the ice cubes. Shallow amounts of water inside a bowl, particularly in the summer heat, can quickly change the temperature of your dog or cat's water. Keep it fresh and delicious, and they're sure to appreciate it!

cat drinks water from water dispenser
Dog and cat eats food from bowl

4. Add Variety to Your Pet's Food

No, don't add salt to your feline's dinner! However, there are ways to add a little "spice to life" and give your pet's dry food a yummy little change!

Unfortunately, we can't always treat our dogs to a gourmet dinner. Additionally, cats don't always have access to a wet fancy feast. Although canned food can be healthier for pets, it isn't always an option. Not to mention, some animals don't even like canned food!

Instead, try adding just a little bit of oil (olive or coconut) to their suppertime meal to change it up. You can add the oil right on top of the food or mix it in. Not only will the oil help enhance the flavor of the dry food, but it will also encourage a special sheen to your pet's coat. Make sure to serve the meal right away, and then be ready for your furry friend to shine!

If you want to enhance your pet's eating experience in another way, you can also sit with them while they eat. Although felines tend to prefer this over canines, they both may love having a dinner date! Give it a try and see how excited they might be to have company.

Different multicolored pet care accessories

5. Treat Your Pet to a New Toy

Dogs and cats alike have this in common with humans- they love new toys! Whether it involves chasing, chewing, unraveling, or watching, your pet's instincts kick in, and they have a great time! You can choose a toy that is best for indoors or outdoors, depending on what your pet likes!

Many breeds tend to like chasing or catching objects when it comes to dogs. You might consider a frisbee to toss, a soccer ball to kick, a tennis ball to throw, or even tying a soft dog toy to a stick for them to chase. Try out various items (maybe even some you find at your house) and see what your dog responds to. They tend to do well when the game often changes, so keep a couple of items on hand!

On the other hand, Cats often love to pounce, and if they can stalk an item before they pounce, even better! Items that are easily batted, are colorful, and sometimes even have a sound tend to be feline favorites. As with dogs, you can even tie an item to the end of a stick or pole and have the cat play with it.

Not only do pets love toys, but they love the time they get to spend with you when you play with them!

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