5 Friendly Pet Bird Species

While many people are content with just cats and dogs as pets, others sometimes want something a little less ordinary. While there are many pocket pets available, birds are among the most popular “exotic” pets that can be found. However, not all birds are a great fit for family environments, and choosing a suitable species is critical for a pet owner’s success.

As we recently celebrated National Bird Day on January 5, 2022, we thought it would be important to talk a little bit about friendly pet bird species that make an excellent addition to homes in Oklahoma. It is often much easier to bond with and train a bird species that is naturally nice rather than working with an aggressive one. This article will look at what our team considers the top five friendly pet bird species.

common pet parakeet, African Grey Parrot, lovebirds, Zebra finch and Cockatiel

1. Cockatiels

Anyone looking for a friendly and affectionate bird to be their companion will likely want to look into common breeds like the Cockatiel. These birds become very comfortable and pleasant around owners when hand-fed as babies. Initially found in Australia, Cockatiels are intelligent birds and can often mimic sounds they hear around the household.

2. Doves

While many species of Doves are found outdoors in Oklahoma, a domesticated, hand-fed Dove can be a great companion pet for someone that is wanting to get started with birds. As a gentle breed, Doves will rarely bite – making them an excellent option for families with children. These birds enjoy being around their owners but typically won’t be incredibly demanding for attention.

White cockatoo in the park

3. Cockatoos

Although larger than the previous two bird species, the Cockatoo may seem intimidating, but it is incredibly affectionate and friendly. Unlike other birds listed in this article, the Cockatoo will require a lot of socialization to remain happy. Without a strong bond, Cockatoos might become depressed and begin feather plucking or engaging in destructive behaviors.

4. Parrotlets

The Parrotlet will often be an excellent fit for those looking for a small bird with a big personality. Like their larger counterparts, Parrotlets have a green head and body with various mutations that include blue, yellow, and white shades. Without regular handling, this species can become wild, making it imperative to spend time interacting with them and handling them each day.

5. Parakeets

Perhaps one of the most common beginner pet birds, the Parakeet, also known as a “Budgies,” is well-documented for its calm and affectionate demeanor. In addition to being small in size and low-maintenance, Parakeets respond to training incredibly well and can be taught various entertaining tricks. They are also popular because they can learn to talk.

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