October is National Pet Wellness Month

October is national pet wellness month, meaning there is no better time to reach out to organizations and learn the importance of maintaining your little one's health. In celebration of this month, multiple organizations will offer pet owners training about what they can implement on their pet lifestyle to keep them healthy and happy for the long run!

Dogs and cats reach adulthood by age two. At this age, their health can quickly change. Promoting a healthy lifestyle will help them live a long and happy life by your side and save them from any health complications in the future.

Five ways you can promote a healthy lifestyle for your pet are:

Little dog maltese and black and white cat eating

Focus on Proper Pet Nutrition

Proper nutrition keeps your pet healthy and fit while preventing many diseases like heart failure and cancer. To ensure your loved one is on a proper diet, inform yourself about the ingredients in their food. Although, it is essential to remember not all foods are good to feed to pets, and some might actually be toxic.

For example, to build muscle, give them high protein sources like chicken and eggs. Additionally, fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants necessary for the immune system. Consider talking to your veterinarian and researching some vitamins and supplements that benefit your pet's health during National Pet Wellness Month.

two small dogs playing together outdoors

Get Your Pets Active

Just like humans, pets need exercise for mental stimulation and to keep their muscles and bones strong. Overweight pets often have a low quality of life, leading to early mortality and leaving an open door for multiple and complicated diseases.

Dogs need more physical activity than cats. Ensure you are giving them enough outdoor time to run, play, and explore. If you have indoor cats, install a play station or entertain them for at least 30 minutes a day with physical activity. These all shorten the risk of overweight, cancer, heart failure, ligaments issues, etc.

Groom Your Pets

Pets don't only need to look pretty; they need to feel pretty. But, unlike us humans, they cannot take care of themselves to the extent required. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to give them proper care by grooming them, cleaning their nails and ears, and keeping up with their dental care.

Become familiar with your pets' bodies and check for any changes like unusual growths and abnormalities. Constantly checking on their appearance can help you find early symptoms of a possible disease or other potentially life-threatening issues – like the development of cancerous tumors.

Female groomer haircut yorkshire terrier
Veterinarian doctor is making a check up

Schedule Routine Pet Checkups

The best way to ensure pet wellness is by maintaining a regular checkup schedule with your veterinarian. It is recommended that dogs and cats receive two examinations a year. This frequency may be higher for kittens and puppies, often requiring vaccinations and checkups monthly during the first four months.

These checkups will help track their aging process and implement changes in their lifestyle as they become needed to keep them healthy and happy. A regular wellness checkup schedule can also help detect diseases early, leading to more successful treatment and longer life expectancy.

Little dog with owner spend a day at the park

Pets Need Quality Time

Pets are more than just for show. Once you adopt them, they become part of your family. Deciding to own a pet means that you need to ensure they receive a good and healthy quality of life. By spending quality time with them, you will be a direct influence on their happiness.

When pets do not get enough affection, this can influence their physical and mental health. So talk, walk, and play with them every day with devotion and dedication. This won't only make you happy but will ensure them they are loved and protected, prolonging their life.

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