10 Goofy Things That Dogs Do and Why

Dec 17, 2020


Dogs often have a personality all their own that is often accompanied by quirks and other unexplained actions. Although intelligent companions, there are also many things that dogs might do that their owners simply do not understand. However, in most cases, these behaviors are not all that uncommon and may have a very reasonable explanation to support them. To help make understanding your canine companion’s weird behaviors a little easier, here are 10 goofy things that dogs do – and a little insight into why. 

Why Do Dogs Smell Other Dogs’ Butts? 

While smelling the hindquarters of acquaintances or strangers may seem like a bizarre thing to do in the human world, this goofy behavior occurs because of the developed sense of smell that canines have. When a dog smells another dog’s butt, it is to gather information about the other dog including their diet, emotional state, gender and much more. So, next time Fido engages in this common, yet goofy, behavior, you will know why! 

Why Do Dogs Spin Before Laying Down? 

Dogs are incredibly instinctual animals and, in the wild, they need to stay alert for any dangers that may be present. As a habit now ingrained in all dogs, this goofy behavior has a two-fold meaning. One, this provides a 360 view of the perimeters of their sleeping area. Two, this behavior was used to stamp down any floor matter that may uncomfortable when sleeping outside. If this behavior is done excessively, it may indicate an excessive compulsive disorder and should be discussed with a vet. 

Why Do Dogs Kick When They Are Scratched? 

Many dog owners think they are looking for that “sweet spot” when scratching their dog to initiate a kick of enjoyment. In all actuality, this scratch reflex occurs when the animal feels a tickle, or their skin is being irritated. When the scratch reflex is initiated, the dog’s nerve endings send signals to the site of the itch to make them move involuntarily. If you are worried that your dog is uncomfortable when this behavior occurs, try moving to a less sensitive area of their body. 

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails? 

In most situations, there are two primary reasons that a dog will begin biting or chasing their own tail. First, the dog may simply be bored and looking for a way to entertain themselves – a behavior incredibly common among puppies that may not understand their tail is attached. Second, the dog may have an obsessive-compulsive disorder caused by genetics or stress. If a dog chases or bites their tail excessively, speaking with a vet can help determine the root cause and if it may be a bigger problem. 

Why Do Dogs Roll Around on the Ground? 

Whether indoors or out, it is not uncommon to see a pup rolling around on the ground. In many cases, this goofy behavior is done because of the pleasurable experience it provides. For example, if the dog has been outside in the heat, rolling around on the cool tile inside of the home may help normalize their temperature. Rolling around on textured materials, like grass or carpet, may also massage the dog and eliminate itching that may be present.  

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Why Do Dogs Howl? 

As a sort of primal release, many dogs howl in the same way that their wild counterparts, like wolves, do. Although the reasons that pet canines howl may be drastically different from those emitted by wild animals. Dogs will often howl to signal that danger is nearby, celebrate as a demonstration of happiness or show that they are experiencing physical pain. Pet dogs that have separation anxiety may also howl when their owners leave and may signal a deeper problem that warrants veterinary intervention. 

Why Do Baths Make Dogs Act Crazy? 

After a thorough cleaning, it is not uncommon for dogs to roll around outside, lick themselves excessively or just generally try to get dirty again. Often this occurs because dogs do not like the smell of shampoo because it is unnatural to them. Once a bath has finished, a dog will do whatever he or she can to eliminate this smell. Some experts theorize that dogs do this to ensure they are not easily “spotted” by predators and want to remain camouflaged. 

Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butts on the Floor? 

While not common among all dogs, one that drags their butt on the floor could be suffering from intestinal parasites. As parasites cause discomfort and fill anal glands, it will create an itching sensation. To remove this sensation, the dog will drag its butt across the ground. Working with a professional can help determine why this behavior is occurring and provide treatment if needed for this serious, yet often overlooked, problem.  

Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground After Pooping? 

Most people associate scratching after using the bathroom with cats; however, the reasons that a dog completes this action may not be the same as their feline counterparts. Many dogs scratch the ground out of hygiene to cover their waste with dirt or grass. Another reason that dogs do this goofy thing is to mark their territory with their odoriferous glands. This often makes it clear that the dog has been there and helps other dogs know once they smell the scent. 

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? 

Even with a great diet, dogs will still be drawn to the grass outside. And, while many types of grass may not make a dog vomit, they often tend to find the ones that do. In most cases, dogs will eat grass just because they enjoy the way that it tastes and not because they have an upset stomach. This goofy behavior often poses no real risk for dogs; however, teething puppies should always be monitored to ensure they are not eating sticks, leaves and grass that could lead to a blockage and require medical intervention from a veterinarian to clear. 

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