10 Goofy Things Cats Do and Why

Dec 17, 2020


As one of the most beloved animals online, cats are undoubtedly incredibly special pets that come with their own unique personalities. With the right dedication to nurturing a relationship with a cat and spending quality time with them, many pet owners find the best companions of their lives; however, that does not mean that cats don’t have their own quirks and weird behaviors that may seem hard to understand. To help make sense of these odd characteristics, we will look at 10 goofy things that cats do any some of the reasons why. 

Why Do Cats Stare at You? 

Perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions by cat owners or anyone that might spend time with a feline, cats are known for glaring at people for no real reason. Although the reason that they engage in this behavior may be more practical than you think. In most cases, cats will stare at someone to get their attention so that they can obtain affection or food. So next time a cat stares at you, do not worry – they are not trying to hypnotize you or plot an attack in most cases. 

Why Do Cats Make Biscuits or Knead Things? 

Commonly referred to as “making biscuits”, many cats will knead things before laying down. While this behavior may have a deeper underlying meaning that is unknown, most experts believe that cats just exhibit this behavior to show that they are happy since it is usually accompanied by meowing or purring. No matter what the reason may be, this goof thing that cats do is often among the most enjoyed characteristics that their owners may experience. 

Why Do Cats Rub with Their Heads? 

Many people are smitten when a cat rubs their legs or hand with their head – and they should be! Many times, this goofy behavior is a cat attempting to create an instant connection with a human by giving them their facial pheromones and expressing how much they trust them. While many experts believe this is a “marking” technique, it is a standard way that cats show they feel safe or say goodbye to help ease them in future encounters. 

Why Do Cats Bring Owners Dead Things? 

While many pet owners love their cat, they may not be fond of the occasional dead bird or mice that they attempt to gift to them. Cats do this to share their prey with their family that they share a home and food with. Many times, cats will also bring owners dead things to show gratitude for the affection they are given or will seek affirmation for the trophy they have obtained. No matter what the “dead thing” may be, this is just another way cats show and seek affection. 

Why Do Cats Jump or Bounce Around? 

Cats are well known for their agility and athleticism – a trait they prominently display as they jump and bounce around a living room or bedroom. The average cat is often confined to a home for their life and will have boundless energy that must be shed. Jumping and bouncing around is just one more way that cats can expend energy and exercise to drain excess energy. If this is a problem behavior that results in damage, consider setting time aside to play with your cat to help minimize this behavior. 

Is Your Cat Acting Strange? 

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Why Do Cats Sleep in Weird Places? 

From cardboard boxes to the shoulder of their owner, cats are known for the variety of strange places that they are capable of sleeping. No matter what areas of your house may seem odd for you to find a cat sleeping in, this is a goofy thing that likely will never stop; however, many times cats will sleep in an area that is near their owner. This occurs not only because they feel relaxed near their favorite person, but it also helps them feel safe from potential predators that may be lurking around. 

Why Do Cats Chatter Their Teeth When They See Birds? 

Even house cats are born hunters, and, because of this, they often share many similarities with wild cats. One hunting behavior that all cats engage in is chattering their teeth or making weird noises whenever they watch a bird outside of the window. This goofy behavior is the cat practicing their biting technique to attack wild rodents or birds or may just be a sign of excitement. Although, since most cats know the bird is simply out of reach, it could also be a sign of frustration. 

Why Do Cats Sniff Human Faces? 

As curious creatures, cats love to smell anything from dirty laundry to their owner’s hair. When a cat sniffs a human’s face, it can seem like a goofy thing to do but it is one of the ways they recognize the people that they love. While there may not be a clear cut reason why this is a common behavior among cats, it is a positive behavior that should not be disregarded by pet owners. If a cat tries to smell your face, just let them do it for the best bond. 

Why Do Cats Sleep on Their Owners Chest? 

Yet another sign of affection towards their owner, many cats will fall asleep on the chests of their favorite humans. While experts do not have a definitive answer to why cats engage in this behavior, it is believed to be due to an emotional connection in which the cat fixates on the heartbeat of the owner and warmth their chest provides. Often this is just another sleeping place that cats can feel secure and protected in. 

Why Do Cats Attack Feet Under Covers? 

While scary for some pet owners, most cats will attack their owner’s feet under covers to show they want to play. Even outside of a bedroom setting, the movement of a human’s feet can switch between different pacing at a moment’s notice. For more adventurous pet owners, jumping and playfully attacking your cats back can help stimulate them further and make the process more fun for them. 

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