Alternative Sterilization for Pets

May 28, 2020

cat getting a check up

The team at Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital is constantly working to provide new and innovative treatment options and procedures to our clients and their pets. While this includes working closely with the current industry standards and trends to identify and use high-quality medicine, it also includes keeping a pulse on new surgical options that may be beneficial for pets or make their owner feel more at ease. In recent years, new alternative sterilization options for pets have become more common. But is it right for your pet? 

When it comes to sterilizing your pet, you may have heard of several different options available. For female dogs, ovary-sparing spays are an alternative to a traditional spay. We do not perform these surgeries, but we are happy to counsel you on the procedure if you are interested. For male dogs and cats, we offer vasectomies to allow pets to keep their hormones. When a vasectomy is performed on a male dog, it is very similar to the procedure performed on humans. Vasectomies on our feline patients require abdominal surgery to ligate the vas deferens. 

As you might imagine there a few key reasons why pet owners choose to seek out alternative sterilization options for their dog or cat. While the reason may be as simple as choosing to keep the pet’s sex hormones intact to eliminate potential mood or personality shifts, there are many more benefits that can be achieved through alternative sterilization options. No matter what route you choose, our primary goal is to provide the service you expect while limiting the amount of pain or recovery needed to complete the process safely. Reasons why you might choose an alternative sterilization method over a traditional method include: 

  • You would like your pet to keep their hormones 
  • You compete in performance or sporting events with your dog 
  • You are interested in allowing your dog to finish growing, without the risk of accidental breeding. 

While still not as widespread as traditional spay and neuter options, alternative sterilization options like vasectomies or ovary-sparing spays are becoming more popular among pet owners. Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital strives to ensure that our clients are as informed as possible about the sterilization options that are available for their best friend. If you are interested in discussing alternatives to traditional spay or neuter, please contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Why Choose Advanced Care Veterinary Hospital? 

Because sterilizations are mandatory in many areas of Oklahoma, nearly all pet owners will need to decide which sterilization method is right for their dog or cat at some point. With both traditional spaying and neutering options available as well as access to alternative sterilization options, we are sure to have the right for both your needs and the needs of your pet. We invite you to book your appointment with our veterinary staff today or reach out to learn what sterilization options are available. We look forward to helping you ensure your pet remains happy and healthy.